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Iron Man 2 Theme Party

Following the success of the first Iron Man movie, hero Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey, Jr.) is on borrowed time due to “palladium poisoning.” At the same time, a rival has stolen the Iron Man suit technology. The results are adventure, thrills…and even a “last birthday party” Stark throws for himself.

Get in on the fun with an Iron Man 2 party of your own or for your youngster with fabulous Iron Man 2 themed decorations, plates and cups, invitations, party favors and activities.

Party Decorations

There are lots of options here, so use your creativity and imagination.

The easiest décor, of course, is a traditional party area setup of balloons, streamers and confetti. Make sure you choose Iron Man 2 colors (red, white and blue) and Iron Man imagery.

You can also print out images of Iron Man and other Marvel Comics heroes (and arch-villains, too!) and hang them on the walls with double-sided removable tape. Die-hard Marvel Comics fans will appreciate eBay and other online resources for retro-style Iron Man posters to hang up around the party area.

Iron Man 2 characters to choose for decorations include:

  • Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow) – Tony Stark’s personal assistant
  • Natalie Rushman (Scarlett Johansson) – His new partner in anti-crime – (a.k.a Black Widow)
  • Happy Hogan – his bodyguard
  • and villains Ivan Venko (a whip-wielding Mickey Rourke) and Justin Hammer.

Invitations for a Costume or Birthday Party

Decide what type of party you’ll be having so you can advise guests on the invitations if you’ll need them to dress up, bring a dish…or just bring themselves.

For a costume party, be sure to include “come dressed as your favorite Iron Man or Marvel Comics character” on the invites. Kids love this type of party – but so do adults, so don’t discount this idea for your own grown-up soire!

Halloween is a great time for a costume party, but so is an “Iron Man 2 premier” get-together. For kids, any time is a good time to dress up, and a Iron Man 2 costume party is perfect for your little one’s birthday.

If it’s a grown-up get-together, have a potluck and ask guests to bring one dish each of his or her choice. If you’ll be showing the movie during the party, print out movie theater-style “tickets” with the party information on them and send these out as invites—they’ll be a huge hit.

Party Entertainment

Have a party bouncer/moon bouncer ready for kids. These can be very affordable and fit in with virtually any party theme. If you have plenty of room in your front or back yard and your party takes place in the summer, consider an inflatable rental water slide as a second, very fun option.

It may be difficult to find Iron Man 2 bouncers or water slides as the character and the movie are licensed, but you can go with the theme by choosing red and blue colors or comic book imagery.

Both children and adults will appreciate a special showing of the movie (or the first Iron Man) during the get-together. Have the movie playing as background, or announce that there will be a “special showing” at a certain time after the party, if you wish. This is also a great option if your child or teen wishes to have a sleepover on his or her birthday.

Party Foods

Since this is a movie-theme party, have movie style foods. Popcorn during the showing is perfect. So are movie theater candies (like Twizzlers and large-size Hershey bars).

Pizza and bite-size foods – like dunkable soft pretzels with melted cheese, or nachos – are also certain to be a hit.

For children, have juice boxes or pouches available, as well as mini-water bottles. For grownups, decide whether there will be alcohol at your party. If so, be sure to have arrangements available in case guests need some help home. They’ll appreciate it later!

Party Favors

Favors are a must for your party. For children, the choice is simple: candy and stickers or other small toys. (You may even want to consider buying an Iron Man action figure for each child, depending upon your party budget.)

Grownups will love a movie ticket party “favor” of their own.

Have a Marvel-ous time!