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American Idol Party Theme

Seacrest out…Your teen in! American Idol (AI, to those in the know) fans will remember the first season nearly a decade ago…and the sensation it caused. Now the next generation of watchers is asking for American Idol-theme birthday parties and get-togethers. Let your own budding star host, judge or participate in an American Idol party you help her put together. Here’s how to create a star-studded American Idol party theme complete with fun party favors, themed plates, cups, napkins, decorations and more.

Supplies for the Contest

Gather supplies in advance for the “contest,” which should be the highlight of the party. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A karaoke machine or a simple microphone
  • CDs of your teen’s favorite songs or of past songs used by American Idol contestants
  • A “stage” area (cordon off a portion of the living room, or if you own a portable platform, set it up in a safe area)
  • Contestant badges (write these on paper or cardboard in magic marker, or pick up some “official-looking” badges for extra flair
  • Small prizes, one for each guest in a number of categories such as “Hardest Song to Sing,” “Most Amazing Contestant Costume” and “Best Make-Up”
  • An American Idol style costume for your own star

Getting the Word Out: The Invitations

Make sure guests know that there will be a “just-for-fun” contest (the least amount of pressure here will result in the most fun for everyone).

Also state on the invitations that guests are welcome to come in contestant-wear so the guests will feel all dressed up and ready to sing.

If you’d like, when parents RSVP, let them know that the contest is for fun only and that everyone will come out a winner. As much fun as singing and dancing are for teens and tweens, some can be self-conscious about actually “performing”. You may also want to only have guests that expressly want to compete, be in the contest.

Decorations, Food and Tableware

Now that you’ve gotten your invitations out, it’s time to pick up some great decorations. Keep in mind that the basic theme color combination should be blue and silver.

A centerpiece and even an American Idol pinata will be decorative and will draw the crowd to the table or the “fun area”. So will wall decals and other eye-grabbing imagery. To add to the ambiance, build a “skyline” for the wall, but instead of buildings in profile, have it people’s heads, to make it look like your room is a stage.

When it comes to an American Idol theme, the shinier, the better. Think silver stars, mylar balloons and bright, dazzling streamers. Any red-carpet-worthy, bright decorations will be perfect.

For food, pizza is always a winner. Have lots of easily-portable snacks around as the excited guests may be jumping up quite a bit (to urge on the current singing contestant, for example, or to take a turn at the microphone).

Party Out Loud

If you’d like to have the party follow true American Idol tradition, have “auditions” first. If not, or if you’re short on party time, get right into the friendly competition!

You, your spouse or a friend or two can act as “judges,” or have party guests take turns pretending to be Simon, Paula and Randy. (Tip: Season Nine in 2010 will include Ellen DeGeneres. If the partygoers know who this hilarious television personality is, give them the option of playing Ellen too!)

Prizes can be simple or can be AI-specific. Try American Idol themed candies, note pads or T-shirts. These are all good ideas for a little take-home party bag, too.

With this popular glamorous party theme, everyone comes out a winner. Have fun with the theme and even consider being an unofficial contestant. The kids will love it, and we’ll bet you do too!