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Sweet Pea Baby Shower Theme

Know someone who’s expecting a little sweet pea? If so, you may have been asked to organize the baby shower. Never fear: the perfect idea is right at your fingertips (or your backyard garden!)–a sweet pea baby shower theme.

A sweet pea shower is ideal if the couple does not know the sex of the baby (or if they’re keeping things mum until the big day), as green is both very appealing and appropriate for either a boy or a girl.

Let’s dig in and organize a great garden-themed baby shower.

Let’s Decorate

Of course, green is the main color you’ll be focusing on for your sweet pea baby shower. But other colors can work well, too.

If springtime is just around the corner—or if it’s not, but you’d like to bring a little spring indoors—choose pastels to offset your green color scheme. Buttery yellow, soft sky blue and lightest pink are great additions to sweet pea green. Choose decorations, cups, plates and napkins to go with your color scheme.

Soft and sweet is the way to go here. Baby garden animals, smiling stars and other appealing, childlike decorations will set the mood.

A Little Princess

If the couple already knows they are having a girl (and have announced it publicly), try a Princess and the Pea motif.

Make sure your invitations let guests know “It’s a girl!” so they can match their gifts accordingly. Try something like the following for the shower invitation:

(mother and father) are expecting their own little sweet pea.
It’s a girl!
Please join us at their baby shower on (date, time) at (location).
The couple is registered at (store). OR: The theme is pink and green. Feel free to choose a gift that matches this if you’d like.

Gift Ideas

Many parents-to-be register at their favorite baby items store in anticipation of a shower. If so, great! Add the information to the invitation to make things easy for guests (see the example above).

If not, have a few ideas in mind in case guests call you to brainstorm. Princess, baby animal and garden decorated clothes, toys (watch out for small parts!) and nursery decorations are all possibilities. If the shower is a surprise, try to casually find out the nursery decoration scheme and/or the parents’ favorite colors for Baby in advance of the shower so you have some ideas on hand.

As for the party organizer (you!), make an impression with an overstuffed gift basket. These can be surprisingly economical; either piece it together yourself, or make things easier by purchasing a premade gift basket.

Naturally, your basket should match the party theme, so have plenty of green, pink if it is a girl or if that’s the parents’ preferred color, and soft, huggable toys and clothes.

A Yummy Harvest

What about food?

Actually, a sweet pea or princess and the pea party leaves you with bushels of options. Try cut-up vegetables on a platter, delicate “princess” finger foods (finger sandwiches; mini cupcakes), a light springtime punch (fruit flavored soda and a splash of punch) and a cake decorated to look like a garden.

For a fun way to get guests involved, ask that each bring a dish that contains peas. Again, the possibilities here will be nearly limitless, and your guests will have a blast trying to think up a unique pea dish!

A quick party game that ties in with this idea is to have guests bring you the dish so that you can lay out all the food yourself without other guests seeing who brought which platter. Later, have guests try to guess which dish was created by which individual. The person who gets the most right wins a small prize.

Helping Hands

Invitees will love this party theme, and you’ll have a great time putting it together. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes two (or three, or four) heads and pairs of hands are better than one! Ask mom- or dad-to-be’s siblings, parents or cousins to get in on the fun. They’ll love it and you’ll appreciate the help.

Have a great garden party!