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Honoring The Wonderful World of the Wizard of Oz

On August 18, 1939, The Wizard of Oz premiered in theaters. It’s such a classic for all times and so it’s no wonder that the Wizard of Oz tends to be a popular party theme. Though it’s always been a great idea for a party, it’s becoming even more popular with a new movie coming out next year that is introducing an entirely new generation of avid watchers. This is one of those movies that generations can identify with and that you can simply watch over and over.

This movie has also easily lent itself to some very recognizable cues and elements which play well into a party planned around it. From following the yellow brick road to the likes of the fabulous four who traveled through time, you can tie these popular ideas and characters into a party quite nicely. Be sure that people know that you are going for a Wizard of Oz party early on so they can dress as their favorite character and come ready for a great time.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

wizard of oz partyYou can transform your very own living room into the likes of a scene out of the Wizard of Oz. It’s all about adding in the right décor that is centered around the popular characters and ideas in the movie.

Start for example by placing your very own “yellow brick road” to greet guests as they come in the door. You can find some children’s cardboard boxes that come in yellow (or simply paint them) and use those to line the way. People will be enamored with this path to lead them into the festivities, and it’s so easy to lay the “bricks” out that it works really well.

You may wish to create the magical land of Oz with a castle as the end point within the party. This can be where you set up the food or where guests will participate in activities or a showing of the movie.

Shop for an ornate castle backdrop as a starter, or you can actually set up your own castle. A young girl’s play castle that pops up can not only work as the great Oz ending point, but can also really make a nice place for housing food or fun.

There’s No Place Like (Your) Home

Wizard of Oz Party suppliesYou also want to play into what you have scattered throughout your home. Not only does it help to ask people to come dressed in costume, but you also want to have simple hints of the movie around the home. This really helps to take people to the Land of Oz in their mind and makes for a fun little hunt to see what cues are represented.

Focus in on the characters and pull in cues from them specifically. Sprinkle some red glitter across all of the food, gift, and sitting tables for a beautiful and fitting sparkle. Find some smaller pairs of red shoes that can work well as a centerpiece or just a decoration that you place out.

Don’t forget the others as they have some very recognizable features too that you can work with. Stuffed lions work well combined with other things for a centerpiece option. You may also wish to trace a large lion’s head that people walk through to enter the party for a fun idea too.

A scarecrow strategically placed in the front yard lets people know that they are at the right place. You can also carry this theme throughout the party venue by placing bales of hay in the corners of rooms and even alongside the tables.

Pay Homage to All the Magic of Oz

Finally who can forget the Tin Man? This is easy to pay tribute to – just wrapping up some items in foil. Don’t forget to add in a toy oil can and a wand to honor Gilda the Good Witch. You can tie each of the character cues together for recognizable ideas and then the foil holds it altogether very nicely.

If you simply adored the Munchkins then you can get some paper cutouts of them to line the venue with. You may even want to consider a backdrop of the movie which you can find at most party supply stores. Think of your favorite characters and scenes from this classic and use them to help inspire your décor. Add in some creativity and fun ways of incorporating and your very own Land of Oz, and the perfect venue for a party!