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Wizard of Oz Party Theme

Wizard of Oz
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What’s behind that curtain? It’s a Wizard of Oz party – and you’re invited! Be like Dorothy and put on your ruby slippers to be a kid again, or host a party for your own kids with a Wizard of Oz party theme. Follow the yellow brick road to learn how to create your own magic:

Create Your Own Land of Oz

When it comes to decorating, make sure your guests know they’re not in Kansas anymore the moment they walk through the door.

The magical land of Oz leaves you plenty of options for colorful (and easy!) decorating. Do it up with decorations that match your Oz theme.

  • SLEEPY POPPIES. Take colored tissue paper, cut into small pieces and ball each piece up in your hand. Glue the tissue paper pieces to a large sections of posterboard. Then hang your “poppies” scene on the wall behind the party area.
  • FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. Unroll a large section of yellow butcher paper to create a “road” from the front door to the party room. Using a black marker, draw lines on the paper to look like bricks.
  • WE’RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD. Place cardboard standups, cutouts (or print pictures from your computer) of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Toto on their journey toward the Emerald City.
  • OVER THE RAINBOW. Hang rainbow decorations around the party room. Place one over the party table by attaching it by string to the ceiling light. Leave rainbow swirl lollipops at each place setting or give them to guests as party favors when they leave.

Dress Up

If the party will be for children, have the guests dress up as one of their favorite Wizard of Oz characters. But don’t be dissuaded from this if the party is for adults – grown-ups love to play dress up too!

If you’d like to be unique, don’t confine yourself to one of the central characters – instead dress as a Munchkin, the tree that throws apples at the travelers on the Yellow Brick Road or even as Toto.

Play, Play, Play!

For a children’s party, keep the fun going with activities that match your Wizard of Oz theme.

  • Pin the Tail on the Cowardly Lion: Enlarge and print out an image of the Cowardly Lion from the internet or, if you’re particularly artistic, draw him yourself. Leave the tail off. Now draw enough tails to give each guest one try. Write a number on each to keep track. Blindfold guests one at a time and let them take a stab at pinning the tail in the correct place.
  • What’s Behind the Curtain? Cut a hole in a cardboard box large enough for guests to comfortably get an arm through. Spray paint the box sparkly “emerald” green. Place an object in the box and have guests take turns feeling through the hole and guessing what’s behind the “curtain”.
  • Guess the Line: Play the movie The Wizard of Oz. Stop it just before a well-known line. The first guest to call out the correct line wins.
  • Hot Po-Toto: This is a variation on the well-known Hot Potato game. Have guests stand in a circle. Turn on some music (how about the soundtrack from the movie?) Give one of the guests a stuffed dog (“Toto”) and have him or her toss the dog to the next guest. Turn your back so you can’t see which child has “Toto”; then turn the music off at random. The person holding “Toto” is out. Keep playing until only one guest is left; he or she gets a bigger prize, and the others can receive a small trinket or piece of candy.

You may feel it would be silly for adults to play party games like the ones above, but consider having at least one “contest of skill” at your grown-up Wizard of Oz party. You’ll be surprised how many laughs you get…and how involved the guests become in a “child’s” game!