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Festive Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July is a real blast, particularly when you plan out all of your party details. These party cues show that it’s all in the nice little touches that you incorporate. You can make something as functional and basic as the utensils really pop with the right amount of color and festive splash. So before you panic about how you transform your home into a party pad, try out some of these great ideas below.

Fourth of July is of course about the red, white, and blue, but it’s also about showing your patriotism. This can come from your centerpieces to your food to the way in which you decorate your home. Show your festive spirit and create an event to remember with some well planned details that showcase what the Fourth of July is all about to you!

rustic july 4th dessert table

A rustic july 4th dessert table, by A Silver Nutmeg and presented by HWTM

Hostess with the Mostest knows how to pick them! She presents Emily from A Silver Nutmeg and her 4th of July presentation. Emily shows that the decorations should of course center around the red, white, and blue color scheme and that you build your theme around that. I love what she’s done with the flag as the tablecloth and then a few American flags for the fitting accents.

Some banners, some colored accents, and then of course all of the right party supplies within this key color scheme. Even the iced tea container with red, white, and blue stripes ties everything together so nicely. I love how she has transformed a simple dessert table into the most festive decorations I’ve seen. This is how you create perfection out of a few key elements, and she does it flawlessly!

july 4th candy centerpiece

Gorgeous centerpiece, from Catch My Party

Catch My Party has created what just might be the most delicious centerpiece around. Why don’t the rest of us think of making a centerpiece that kids of all ages can gobble up at the end? Here Jillian takes a simple mason jar as the basis for the candy skewers that will help to liven it and bring the table to festivity.

I think that the idea of taking skewers and lining them with various red, white, and blue candies is genius. Not only do you end up with a nice sweet treat at the end, but it’s also an eye catching centerpiece to adorn every table. When you can create something decorative, functional, and then delicious like this you have created the perfect complement for your Fourth of July party.

patriotic fruit popsicles

Easy kid’s fruit pops, by Jamie from The Letter 4

Jamie takes a very refreshing idea and turns it into something adorable for your Fourth of July gathering. Here she takes a very simple idea of fruit ice pops and makes them the perfect blend of red, white, and blue. At the base is a popsicle mold that starts with the red layer, which is simply watermelon blended and then set into the freezer to set. Then the white layer is bananas that are blended and then set into the freezer to set 20 minutes later. Finally blueberries are blended with apple juice and then placed atop the other two layers 20 minutes later. Set the entire thing in the freezer overnight.

What you end up with is an adorable, healthy, and delicious Fourth of July ice pop that is not only pretty to look at but also a healthy way to celebrate a great holiday.

A festive use of mason jars, by Kimba

A Soft Place helps to show that there is no reason to feel anxiety over the party supplies that you incorporate. I know that for me the way that I showcase the simplest party supply such as utensils is always an area of concern. Here she shows that a simple mason jar can create the basis to tie everything together.

Placing a fanned out red or blue bandana in each jar is the best little touch. Then the utensils go inside and all of a sudden you realize that you have created something original and festive out of a basic party need. Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it well and I think Kimba does an excellent job of showcasing that.

Your Fourth of July party will be a blast with all of these great party ideas, so get creative and have fun with this festive occasion.