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A Leap Year Party – The Best Things Come in Four

It only comes around once every four years, and that’s why Leap Year is such a fun occasion. Though you may have never thought of this as a reason for a party it can be tons of fun. The truth is that anything that comes around only once every few years makes for the perfect setting for a party.

You don’t need anything specific to make this party special. If you happen to know of somebody who celebrates a birthday on Leap Year then that can make the party even more special. No matter what the reason for the party, just gather up some of the most enjoyable ways of making this party a great success—and one that guests will remember for another four years!

Four, Four, Four, Four … Of Everything

It only comes around once every four years, so why not turn that into a theme all its own? You can adorn the party venue with the number “4” but then give it a fun little twist beyond that. Organize everything so that it aligns with the number 4 and you will carry off this theme and idea in a really effective way.

Offer four different appetizers that are related, say four dips for example. Hummus, veggie dip, chip dip, and artichoke dip all work well together and when you put them out in four matching containers it looks great. This makes for a built in menu and a great way to demonstrate the concept of four.

Get a cookie cutter with the number “4” on it and then make your own cookies in advance. Guest will just adore that you have incorporate the idea of every four years into everything for the party. Line up four tables with four balloons each and splash the number “4” everywhere you can. This is easy enough to do and yet works so well for the theme.

Embrace Your Inner Frog

february 29 leap day partyOne of the most notable things that a leap year is known for is the frog. It’s a natural connection as leap frog comes to mind, so why not cash in on that idea to make your party a real Leap Year success? You can place plush frogs everywhere and even put out green tablecloths and napkins.

Get a frog piñata for guests to take turns swinging at as it can offer great fun and fit with the theme. You can even find cute little frog centerpieces and get a cake that is green with a giant frog on the top.

No true Leap Year party can be complete without a fun game of leap frog. You probably haven’t played it since childhood but kids of all ages can embrace this classic game and really have a blast with it.

Celebrate Events of Last Four Years

It can be particularly fun to celebrate the last four years if you are celebrating a birthday on this Leap Year occasion. Pull together pictures of the guest of honor over the last four years and make a collage to celebrate this birthday celebrated only a quarter of the time. You can even celebrate events that have occurred over the last four years through video and stories shared.

Even if you’re not celebrating a birthday you can still celebrate events of the last four years. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite character or newsworthy person from the last four years. This can be a fun way of seeing just how much has happened since the last Leap Year. Ask guests to bring a fun story or newspaper clipping and let the sharing begin. Though Leap Year may only come about once every four years, this can be such a fun way to throw a party and is bound to be something to remember for another four years to come!