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A Christmas Story Party Theme

A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story party theme, available at Buycostumes

You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

If you loved the movie A Christmas Story, join the club…and the party! Your friends will get a kick out of a nostalgic Christmas Story party theme. Based on a collection of tales and the co-writing of a screenplay (both by author Jean Shepard), this tale stands the test of time and is certain to bring lots of giggles.

Get started on decorating for and organizing your Christmas Story party right now for the best soiree of the season!

Home, Sweet Home

A Christmas Story takes place in the Hammond, IN of author Jean Shepard’s youth, circa 1940. For this theme, simply create an oh-so-Ralphie and Randy atmosphere with decorations that are pure nostalgia. 1940s Christmas decorations included bold, very obvious colors (such as red and green); shiny metallics like silver and gold; and traditional imagery such as poinsettias and ribbon candy.

Match your tableware to this theme as well.  Hang actual or cardboard cutout ornaments around the party area.  (Cardboard cutouts are very retro and date anywhere from the 1940s to approximately the early 1970s.)

A Christmas Story Table Leg LampDon’t forget the funniest decoration from the movie. Yes, you know what I’m talking about: the “Fra-gil-ee” expensive “Italian” leg table lamp that held Mrs. Parker and “the old man” in a not-so-subtle tug of war until the offending object was (oops!) knocked over. Trust us: this is one icon that will make your party theme immediately identifiable. Make it the centerpiece of the party!

Dinner at the Parker Household

Mr. and Mrs. Parker (their first names are never revealed in the story) tried hard for a traditional Christmas dinner; the idea was sidetracked by the Bumpus’ hungry dogs, but you can easily organize a good old-fashioned table for your guests.

At the top of your list should be turkey. You needn’t roast a bird for hours if you’re experiencing time constraints. Instead, order one or two roasted turkey breasts from your local deli or grocery store and pick them up the morning of the party. Slice and arrange the turkey on trays with a sprig of parsley or another leafy green for presentation.

Side dishes should be ultra-traditional but easy to self serve: stuffing (try sausage or cornbread stuffings), boiled-and-buttered potatoes and a big dish of green beans will be perfect.

If you want to be adventurous and true to the story, try Peking Duck, which is what the family ended up having. Try a recipe here, though I haven’t made it myself … yet. Or, simply order local Chinese food, with plenty of delicious pickings, from barbecued spare ribs to mini egg rolls.

Playing Santa … and the Pink Bunny!

For a finishing touch, dress up as a department store Santa (even better if you make it a little dirty). Stand at the door and deliver a droll, slightly bored “Hooooo, hoooooo, hoooooo” like the Santa did in the movie. When everyone has arrived, hand out goofy “gag” gifts to each guest from a big red sack. If a guest asks for a Red Ryder BB gun (air rifle), remind him that he’ll “shoot his eye out” and hand him a goofy toy or a football instead.

Other funny gift ideas include secret decor rings, packs of Ovaltine, bars of soap, and packages of fudge (“only I didn’t say fudge …)

Of course, what would be this theme without the nightmare pink bunny! Getting a sulking adult wear such an outfit would definitely complete the party. The problem is volunteering someone to dress as the “deranged Easter Bunny” from Aunt Clara, (who thinks Raphie is a perpetual 4-year old girl!)

The options for this theme are enormous; if you haven’t seen the movie, do so, or ask friends for their favorite A Christmas Story lines and incorporate them into your party. Just be ready for your idea to be “borrowed” by friends next year—this is one Christmas party that will certainly be talked about for years!