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The Wedding Reception – How to Pimp Out a Table

There are so many elements that you want to make special for a wedding. You want unique twists that show off the personality of the couple getting married. This is the one time that you get to make selections to create the biggest and best party you will likely ever throw. This takes time, effort, money, and of course all the right touches.

If you’re in charge of decorating for your friend’s or family’s wedding reception, there’s so many things to do. Let’s parcel them out into smaller, more manageable chunks, and for this article, we’ll focus on where guests will spend most of their time – the table. If you are interested in having a memorable and personalized table for the wedding, then you need all the right touches. People will notice all the party decorations as that sets the tone for the special day and gives the venue personality. Including unique place card holders can be a fun way of showing off your personality in a functional way. You can also add in something different and fun like table crystals to add a certain allure and finesse that the table might not otherwise have. So get creative and think of the special elements that will help to really pimp out that table at the wedding.

Make it Personal

The table at a wedding can be the centerpiece of the room if done properly. If you are setting this up for a friend’s wedding then you really want to put forth some effort. Start with something simple like the place card holders. Rather than just going for simple holders that offer no personality, spice it up a bit. First and foremost begin by decorating the actual holder itself. This can be as simple as some glitter or jewels that you can glue onto the holder to give it a little finesse.

Purple Sparkling Table Gems

Table crystals really glitz up a table, and are quite affordable

You can then name each table something cute or significant that pertains to the couple on their special day. Consider naming each table a city that they’ve traveled to or an aspect of their personality. Guests will adore the novelty of finding their table when it has a special name attached to it like “Love”, “Compassion”, or “Fun”. It’s a simple but fun twist on a very functional part of the table and the day!

Decorate with Style

When you think of the very best party decor to use they should be in keeping with a theme, color scheme, or personality of the bride and groom. It can be helpful to take cues from the flowers or just the colors used throughout other parts of the wedding day. This can be as simple as bright and colorful accents that you use across the table like a table runner or even coordinated napkins. Though our tendency is always to go above and beyond with the decorations, sometimes less is more. Consider putting out pictures of the married couple through the years on each table for a fun and personal touch. Even the simple light of a candle can have quite the impact if done right within the wedding venue and at each table.

If you have never used table crystals, they can be an excellent way to really glitz up your party decorations. These come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and they are just placed simply but effectively across the table. They are strewn about and then when they mix in with candlelight and other decorations like a table runner, they really look stunning. These aren’t too expensive to get but they can really pimp out the table and take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

So if you want a fun, personable and unique look, consider each of these elements to make the reception memorable for guests and extra special to the couple on their big day!