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5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

What, another Sex in the City II-followed-by-drinks bachelorette party? Yawn! Wouldn’t you like to really break out of the mold for your end-of-singlehood party (or the one you’re planning for a friend)? If so, use one of our unique bachelorette party ideas. Come on…grab your girl-posse and let’s go!

1. Wine Tasting Girl’s Out Weekend

Vineyards and wineries often group in certain areas (the many Finger Lakes vineyards in New York State come to mind, but you’d be surprised where vineyards can be found – check around). Where this occurs, wine tasting weekends are often made available.

This is great fun – generally, samples of the goods, plus little bites of food, are put out during the weekend for the public to sample. Call a cab from your hotel or bed-and-breakfast and walk from stop to stop if they’re within reasonable distance from one another, or take a bus if one is available (you definitely don’t want to drive while on this wine-crawl!)

2. Harem Night Party

Trust us – this is a bachelorette idea that’s way more fun in public (a restaurant, for example) than at home due to the attention factor.

Decorate the tables, if the restaurant allows, in draped, filmy fabric. Tell guests to dress up in full bellydancing attire. Have a bellydance contest and play drinking games; try “shake it, don’t break it” – bend backward, place a drink on your chest and shimmy without spilling anything. The first person to spill has a drink.

For the somewhat more shy bride-to-be, have this party at home, and invite a bellydance instructor to give fun and sexy lessons.

bachelorette party ideas3. Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt

Like the wine-tasting party above, you’ll want a cab or a designated driver (not one of the wedding party guests; ask a relative or friend to do this) rather than doing the driving yourselves.

For the “scavenger hunt,” split into teams and gather hilarious items, such as:

  • a guy’s phone number on a napkin
  • a guy’s business card
  • a condom (wrapped, of course! Ewwww!)
  • a cigarette
  • a tie
  • a roll of toilet paper from the men’s room

You get the idea. Another option is to bring cameras, one for each team, and take photographs of certain items on a pre-made list. Some ideas:

  • a group member hugging a younger guy in a bar
  • a (name of local brew) beer logo sign
  • a stranger giving a group member a piggy-back ride
  • a guy’s scar
  • having a guy buy you a shot (the picture would be the guy offering it to the group member), then a photo of downing it

Click here for another site with an awesome list of scavenger hunt ideas.

4. Hotel Slumber Party

Remember how much fun slumber parties were when you were a teen? Guess what – they’re even more of a blast now that you’re old enough to order room service!

Book a suite (remember, the bride-to-be should not pay for any part of her bachelorette party) and order drinks and yummy eats. Just for laughs, watch a dirty movie. Hire a male stripper. Bring a risque pinata (look online). The night is yours!

5. Bridal Party Spa Day

Come on, you deserve it. Get your girls together for a bridal party spa day. If you and the bridal party are short on funds, do a mini version, such as a manicure and pedicure, or a facial for each of you.

You’ve all worked hard toward giving the bride-to-be the wedding of her dreams. So get out there and party – and make it memorable!