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Scene Ideas for a Beauty and the Beast Party

There’s no story more enchanting than Beauty and the Beast, and perhaps that’s why so many little girls simply adore it. The story of a beastly young man who falls in love with the gorgeous Belle is something that you can only find in story books. It has such a magical feel about the love story itself that you want to recreate it in real life. Now you can – why not use your very own home or party venue to recreate the magic and allure of Beauty and the Beast?

Create the Magic and the Fairytale Itself

Every fairytale needs the perfect setting and that will be the party venue if you recreate it in the right manner. This particular story line is centered around two primary things—their dinners and the ballroom dances. There’s a few other scenes that will instantly spell “Belle!” such as having an old rustic sort of environment. Belle actually grew up the youngest of three in a farmhouse, so you could pull in elements of that. Go for vintage looking pieces that you can throw into your home that shows that this all took place years ago. That can do the trick and create the perfect setting for a fairytale meeting if you can pull it off using antique or older items.
beauty and the beast party

The Dining Room

In both the original tale (by Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve) and the Disney movie, Belle only encounters the Beast at the dining table in the evening. In the book have nightly conversations, with the Beast asking for her hand in marriage at the end, which she always declines. More dramatic, of course, is the famous “Be Our Guest” scene with Belle and the enchanted cutlery and furnishings in the Disney movie!

You may not have a huge, oak table, but just take your dining room table and cover it with a white and pink tablecloth. Add a tulle table skirt of a different shade to make it truly royal and enchanting. Cover the chairs with the same colors, and hang either glamorous streamers on the walls, or hang a stone wall backdrop to make it look like the inside of a dark and forbidding castle. The contrast between gorgeous table and cold stone walls will be fabulous.

Add candles and a tea setting, or electric candles and a plastic tea set for younger, preschool guests. Serve dishes you would find at a princess tea party, such as little sandwiches, cupcakes, fruity herbal tea and cut up fruit and vegetables. Each girl will also have her own napkin to drape across her lap.

The Ballroom

Disney has a few grand ballroom scenes, both before and after the Beast is transformed. Though there is no scene in the original story, the Beast does supply her with an endless wardrobe of gorgeous gowns and jewelry during her stay at the castle. You can find ballroom costumes here.

To recreate this scene, glam up your own “ballroom” with backdrops of gossamer sheets of gold, or yellow streamers from the walls. Hang streamers or tulle from all corners of the room to the center, where you can hang a disco ball or something shimmery to create a magical look (bonus if you already have an actual chandelier in the middle of the room!) Hang electric candles all around the room to complete the look. You can also purchase backdrops of a ballroom for your walls.

Whatever scene you decide on (or both!), don’t forget the most important element – a bouquet of red roses!