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John Deere Party Theme

Oh, Deere—no idea what to do for your little one’s big day? Here’s a party theme that’s rough, tough and perfect for every John Deere fan. This article is piled high with the best John Deere party theme ideas, including invitations, decorations, and activities for your little one and his tough-guy (and tough-girl!) friends. Read on to get the scoop.

Choosing Your Décor

The invitation always sets the theme for the party. Choose John Deere invites, or make your own and let your child color them in. Throw in a teaspoon or so of sand for “work site dirt” before sealing the envelope.

Get the party rolling with great John Deere decorations. A tablecloth, balloons and a centerpiece made out of a toy truck on an oval of green or brown construction paper (for dirt and grass) is perfect – not to mention perfectly easy.

Choose green and yellow plates, cups, forks and spoons for the well-known green and yellow John Deere farm equipment color scheme.

Make it a banner day with a great John Deere bannerpersonalized with your child’s name and photo.

If you’ll be decorating with balloons, choose green, yellow and black, and get them filled with helium at your local party supply store or buy a disposable tank. Then blow up a few manually to play “keepaway” or “don’t let the balloon fall” — kids have to keep the balloon in the air but they can’t use their hands. (Heads, shoulders and even feet are okay.) Great fun!

Wall decals provide a finishing touch that will make your child proud to be the birthday boy! After the party, let him hang the decals on his bedroom wall for a year full of fun.

Food For a Hungry Tractor Crew

Food is a huge element of any birthday party. For your John Deere birthday party, try some of these fun ideas:

  • Farm equipment cake. Frost the cake in vanilla, then add swirls of cocoa powder to imitate dirt. Top with different John Deere toy miniatures and a few tree miniatures, such as the cake decorating kit available at The Party Works. Add other, smaller farm figures to complete the farm cake. After the cake has been cut and served, wash off the toys and place one in each guest’s goody bag to take home. (Reserve the tractor for the birthday child, of course!)
  • Read-made cake topper. If you’d rather not risk the guests scrabbling over a certain take-home toy, frost the cake in yellow and green and place a ready-made cake topper in the center instead of the above ideas. Be sure to “rescue” the topper for the birthday boy to play with later, after the guests have gone home.
  • Farm animal cookies/farm animal sandwiches. Choose farm animal-shaped cookie cutters and bake butter or sugar cookies. Frost them in green and yellow for a fun effect. This idea will also work for sandwiches; make the sandwiches between two slices of bread, then cut out with the cookie cutters.
  • Food “pails.” Buy inexpensive toy pails at your local dollar store and fill them with chips, pretzels or candies. Set them up on the table for party snacks.
  • Make “farm food” for a lunch party. Fried chicken, potato salad and corn on the cob are great choices.

Fun Farm Activities

Here are a few ideas to add to the party fun:

Give each guest a John Deere hat or similar party hat as he or she walks in the door. Let the kids wear their “John Deere gear” during the party.

Buy a tractor stand-in for guests to stand behind. Their faces should be showing. Then snap pictures of each guest. You can send these along later with thank-you notes, or ask parents for an e-mail address to send the pics.

If you’re more ambitious, look for a local farm that does business entertaining kids. Have the entire party on the farm, and your options will be wide open – visiting the farm animals, and likely pony rides and tractor pulls.

Put your cap on and have a great John Deere tractor party!