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Spring Shower Party Theme

Spring is the perfect time to host a party! The weather is warming up, people can fulfill their desire to be outside, and the beauty and amazement of summer is just around the corner. There’s one thing that can be a downfall to spring however and it can cause a lot of disappointment when it comes to outdoor events – spring happens to bring a lot of rain. Though this can initially be a detriment, turn that around and make it a positive! Spring showers can actually be a really cute and fun theme for a birthday party or just an event to get people together.

Rubber Boots and Rain Coats!

When you plan a spring shower party, you need to be sure that your guests are prepared for the occasion. If you are having it outside, then the rain can actually be an advantage with this type of party. If you are having it indoors, then set up a rain type of scene that allows people to enjoy this usually blah aspect of the season.

One of the most important aspects of this themed party is to get people into the right attire. Be sure that you ask them to wear their raincoats, rain boots, and bring their umbrellas. Just getting dressed up in this gear whether you end up needing it or not can be a lot of fun, and a great way to celebrate the season.

Fun for Everyone

If the weather does cooperate with showers that day (probably the only time you’ll want rain!), then you want to use this to your advantage. Be sure that puddle jumping is part of the festivities. No matter how old the guests are, there’s nothing more fun or liberating than jumping in a big puddle and allow yourself to splash around.

If the weather happens to be sunny that day, then set up a baby pool or little stations where guests can splash around in their rain gear and enjoy a typical spring day. This is great fun for kids and can even be enjoyable for adults who likely haven’t done anything like that in years.

Serve up Light Snacks

A spring showers party isn’t complete without the perfect snacks. You don’t want anything heavy, as light and airy seems to be what works best for a spring affair of this type. Consider baking or buying cookies in the shape of umbrellas as a perfect complement to the day. Serve up fresh vegetables and dip for a light and healthy snack.

Put out bowls of rain drops (gum drop candies) and serve up a special rain punch (create your own recipe with fresh fruit juice). So long as you keep it light and airy and present it with the theme, you really can’t go wrong. April showers bring may flowers—and those rain showers make for the perfect spring party!