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Second Birthday Party Ideas

Your little darling is turning two and you can hardly believe it! Wasn’t it just yesterday that you celebrated their first birthday? As they move through the toddler years, the time goes faster and faster. So as you look at your little toddler and wonder what to do to celebrate their second birthday, consider these themes.

Little Cupcake

This is definitely perfect for the “girlie girl” toddler. If your little girl loves all things that are pink, purple, and frilly, then this is the perfect theme to go with. This is a great theme on you as a parent because you can find virtually everything that you need all in keeping with it.

You can find cupcake invitations, decorations, plates, napkins, and cups, and so much more. Be sure to get a big fluffy cupcake decoration to adorn the venue with, and use cupcakes as a centerpiece for each table. You of course have to serve up a beautiful and elaborate cupcake tiered cake in the perfect pinks and purples to celebrate this delicious and fun birthday celebration.

Barnyard 2nd Birthday Party kit

Barnyard Fun

If your toddler loves visiting the local farm, zoo, or just loves animals, then a barnyard party theme is perfect. You can get decorations with cows, horses, chickens, and all their favorite animals.

 Have a “Speak and Say” at every table at a centerpiece that tells the name of the animal and the sound that it makes. This is fun not only for your toddler but for all of the guests as well! Go for a perfect barnyard cake that features your child’s favorite farm animals on it. Along with the perfect barnyard invitations and decorations, you can carry out the bright reds and blues that tend to go perfectly with this theme.

Mod Monkey

Have a toddler who is bananas for monkeys? (My wife tends to call our two year old “You little monkey!”) This tends to be a favorite animal amongst the toddler set and also happens to make a perfect theme for a second birthday party. The “mod monkey” theme has become quite popular and is gender neutral so it’s quite popular. This features monkeys at the core, but also offers up a nice color theme that you can utilize.

Consider serving up a banana cake to carry out this theme. Have monkeys in a barrel as the centerpiece at all the tables. Consider showing a “Curious George” movie for all the kids to enjoy. Monkeys make the perfect animal to feature, and this particular theme won’t disappoint your favorite two year old.