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Asian Theme Party Ideas

Take your guests on an exciting adventure to Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and beyond with this fabulous Asian theme party!


  • Write the invitation details as a tag to attach to a teabag.
  • Insert a paper cocktail umbrella in your invitation.
  • Type your invitation on a long slip of paper and insert it into a fortune cookie. Cover with bubble wrap and mail in a small box.
  • Write your invitation with an Oriental-style font.
  • Encourage guests to come dressed in Asian attire


  • Use cardboard to create a pagoda or temple shape and paint it red or gold and add to the top of your doorway.
  • Ask guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home and give them Chinese slippers.
  • Party hosts should dress in Oriental-inspired attire to immediately make guests feel transported to a far off land.
  • Oriental-themed items – a Buddha, vases, dolls, kimonos, statuary, etc. to add ambiance to your “pagoda.”
  • Fill vases with Chinese Lantern flowers – an orange-colored blossom you can often find in the dried flower section of your craft store. Apple blossom blooms and bonsai tree will also give a feeling of Asia.
  • Hand fans and paper parasols will provide instant images of Asia.
  • Tabletop fountains with an Oriental feel will give your home Zen serenity.
  • Fill your ceiling with paper lanterns or string lanterns onto strands of white lights.
  • Recycle appropriate red and gold Christmas items – the colors of good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Meal Service:

  • The best part of this party is that you can easily use takeout menus from your favorite Asian-style restaurants to cater this party.
  • Use takeout boxes or Asian-inspired paper goods to serve your guests.
  • Serve food to guests from lacquered or bamboo trays.
  • Sake (rice wine, slightly warmed) can be the signature drink at this party, or serve Oriental teas.
  • Offer chopsticks to guests (but have forks on hand for the less adventurous).
  • For sit-down dinners, paint your guests’ names on the handles of hand fans to serve as a favor, place card and décor.
  • Honey cakes and fortune cookies will be a sweet ending to your meal service.


Oriental Favors and Prizes:

  • Anime comic books or cartoons
  • Lacquer chopsticks
  • Japanese Dolls
  • Hand fans
  • Parasols
  • Fortune cookies
  • A selection of teas
  • Mandarin hats
  • Bottles of sake (rice wine)