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Noah’s Ark Baby Shower Theme

One of the most enduring and enchanting Bible stories is that of Noah’s ark. Celebrate a loved-one-to-be’s new beginnings with a Noah’s ark baby shower theme.

Animals Are Everywhere!

Kids and adults alike love animals. Pairs of animals are a big part of the ark story, so use this theme for your party decorations and food.

Baby animals on party plates and cups, centerpieces and the invitations will be an appealing look for the party.

Animal decorated cupcakes are enchanting; buy edible animal theme candies and adorn the cupcakes with them, or make your own designs.

Writing Your Invitations

For invitations, add a line or two of your own “creation”. Some examples include:

The gang’s all here!
Hop on board to wish (mother & father) good luck and to welcome Baby!

(list date, time and location)


Sunny skies are ahead for (mother & father)!
Please come to a baby shower on (date/time) at (location) to welcome their little one!


“And God blessed Noah and his sons,
and said unto them,
Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.” (Gen. 9:1)
Please celebrate our little blessing at a baby shower for (mother & father).

(list date, time and location)

Beautiful Rainbows

The rainbow is perhaps the most lovely symbol of Noah’s ark and will make a gorgeous addition to your decorations.

Create a rainbow arch for the mother-to-be to sit under while she opens her gifts. Make a project of it: invite those closest to the family to cut out and glue tissue paper pieces to an arch shape (cardboard works well for this if you attach it to the wall behind the mom-to-be).

Decorate a cake with a rainbow shape in icing or cake gel. (Colors of the rainbow in order are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.)

Rainbows are also perfect for the shower invitations and thank-you notes.

Shower Games

Be sure to have a few games ready to keep guests entertained. Try these:

  • Baby Animals: A baby cow is a calf and a young dog is a puppy, but do you know the name for a juvenile owl or skunk? If you guessed “owlet” and “kit”, you’re right. If not, you’re like most of us! Put together a list of animals and go around in a circle, asking each guest to guess the baby name for it. The winner receives a small prize.
  • Animals on the Boat: Make a “boat” out of any basket (double up by buying a lined baby laundry basket and giving it to Mom as a gift). Have guests stand a few feet away from the boat and try to toss one small stuffed animal into it. Count the total tries it took to get all the animals into the basket; the number is the day the baby will be born.
  • Two by Two: Go around the circle starting with the letter A; have the first guest call out the name of an animal that starts with an A. The next player must “match” the player before her by naming an A animal. The third and fourth guest must name animals that start with B, and so on. A player is “out” when he or she can’t think of two names.

Fabulous Favors

Don’t forget the party favors! Doves and other animals, small religious tokens and rainbow colored candles are all good choices.

Use your imagination to make the beloved Noah’s ark story come to life for that special mom-to-be and create memories…one by one (or two by two!).