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The Ultimate Candy Bar Buffet

One of the most fun trends sweeping party planning is the addition of a candy bar buffet as part of the menu/activities at parties of all kinds.  These bars are especially popular at weddings, but they’d make fun additions to almost any party.  Here are some basics for building your own candy bar buffet:

Candy Bar Design Essentials

  • Choose a theme.  Will it be all the chocolate all the time, or will you have sugary sweet candies?
  • Choose a color scheme.  Mono-chromatic, a few coordinated colors, or a rainbow?
  • Pre-packaged candies, or build your own bonanza?  The picture, below (click any picture for a larger image), shows a mix of wrapped candies, and candies that you’d bag up or put in little Chinese takeout containers.

Candy shop / By Amy Atlas Events

Candy Bar Supplies

You’ll need certain equipment/containers to make your candy bar special, convenient, and germ-free.  Here’s the list:


  • A variety of clear glass containers
  • Spoons
  • Take-home packages like clear bags, Chinese takeout boxes, or small petit fours boxes
  • A variety of candies
  • Identification of candies that contain nuts (for allergies)

Different containers, like trifle bowls, cake stands with silver bowls, parfait glasses, vases, and more provide visual interest. Clear glass is always preferred, because it is easier to see the candies, and they become part of the decorations, themselves.

More Fun at your Party

Party favors are fun, but it is even more fun to let your guests bag their own treats to go.  For summer parties, skip the chocolates, unless they’re encased in a candy coating, like M&Ms.  Consider a candy bar buffet at your next event!

Pink candy buffet / Lisa Runolfson/Flickr

Make your own candy bar buffet now!

I bought all my candy for this party in bulk from Click below to view what they offer (which is everything!)