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Diaper Cake Baby Shower

Ah, a new baby. Powder, giggles…and diapers! That’s right: diapers are among the first things to come to mind when Mom is stocking her layette. That’s what makes a diaper baby shower so perfect. And you can organize one in a snap.

A Diaper Cake

A diaper “cake”, made of two or three tiers of baby diapers, is a very popular choice for showers. You can either buy a ready-made cake to save time, or create one yourself.

Most diaper cakes will require about 50 disposable or cloth newborn-size diapers (find out from Mom and Dad which type they’ll be using).

You’ll also need a round cardboard base, ribbons, two baby bottles and small decorative toys, such as rattles or big blue or pink bows.

View a full tutorial here on how to make an elaborate diaper cake. Or check places

Diaper Games

Diaper-themed baby shower games are sure to get a round or two of laughs. Include a few of these ideas for some not-so-clean fun:

  • Poopy Diaper: This is a scream. Melt various chocolate bars in the microwave or on the stove (for example, Milky Ways, Paydays and Butterfinger bars…and of course, Tootsie rolls!). Then put the melted chocolate into different diapers. Guests must guess what type of chocolate is in which diaper. (You can also use heavy napkins or paper towels folded to resemble diapers.)
  • Change Baby’s Diaper: You will need a timer, a diaper and a baby-size doll. Guests are timed as they change the diaper that is on the doll and exchange it for a new one. The catch: they must perform the task one-handed.
  • Diaper Raffle: Here’s a great way to get guests involved. Tell guests in advance that anyone who brings a box of diapers for the parents-to-be will be entered in a raffle. At the end of the shower, pick one guest’s name randomly to win a prize (a spa luxury basket is a great raffle gift).
  • Pick the Dirty Diaper: Fold and tape disposable diapers or napkins. All the diapers will be be empty excerpt for one; place a dab of mustard in the center of that diaper. When the diaper is taped, no mustard should be visible. Have guests approach the table. Each guest picks one diaper. Then all the guests open their choices. The guest who receives the “dirty” diaper wins.

Party Favors and Food

Get a giggle by handing out “stuffed diapers” as party favors. Newborn-size diapers or heavy paper napkins can be used for this. Stuff each diaper with nuts, chocolate candies or mints.

Serve grown-up versions of “baby food” as appetizers and hors d’oeuvres.

  • Finger foods are the obvious choice; toddlers eat with their hands and grownups love to do it too! Coated chicken tenders, chicken wings and sandwiches are perfect.
  • Chocolate pudding with a splash of almond flavoring or mocha, served with small-size spoons, is a great choice. Serve the pudding in emptied, thoroughly cleaned baby food jars.
  • Serve a scoop of cinnamon-flavored apple sauce alongside a cake decorated with candy versions of baby bottles and other items, or with a simple diaper outline drawn on the top in cake icing.
  • Have whimsical, childlike desserts on hand: for instance, ice cream cones or small sundaes.

Finish off your fabulous diaper party with a little atmosphere. Try balloons, drawn diaper decorations with a letter on each to spell “welcome baby” and a diaper centerpiece. In no time you’ll have pulled together a baby shower your guests will talk about long after the baby is born…and may even copy for the next great expectation.