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Watch Out, Little Pooch – It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Yup, there’s a celebration for everything! January 14th is National Dress up Your Pet Day! All dogs and cats (and pigs too), RUN! Run for your life! Oh, sure, my 3 year old daughter would LOOOOVE this holiday – she tries to dress her “cousin” Bacardi (a mini pin) all the time – when she’s not trying to ride on him, that is. I dressed my daughter as a dog for her second Halloween, so payback is a … urr, female pup.

I’m trying to figure out who started it, but no such luck. I found a press release from 2003, so it’s been going on for a while. Others say it’s January 15th. Oh well, it’s a fun excuse to dress your pet twice in a year – now, and at Halloween! If you really want to embarrass your dog, my favorite is a jockey dog rider outfit over at Buycostumes.

Since a majority of pet owners view their pets as their children – (I know I would, and we’re planning for a “third” child, probably a dachshund cross when our other children are a bit older) – there’s no reason not to have fun with a costume or two. If you plan on doing so, here’s a couple tips I know from other pet owners:

  • Start small, and work your way up. Your pet will freak out if you dump an entire ensemble the first time out. Instead, try a cute collar or other accessory first, and work your way up slowly so they get used to it. What looks cute and creative to you may cause panic for them
  • Dress yourself too (then both of you will look delightfully silly) – bonus points if you dress the same!
  • Submit your photo to a variety of pet dressing contents. is one such site for this, if your costume is homemade

Oh well, it could be worse for all you pets – you could be featured in I Can Has Cheezburger or something like that.

Incidentally, it’s also National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, but I have leftover soup to eat. Oh well.