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Baby Shower Games – Gifts, Giggles and Grins

As much fun as it is to watch the soon-to-be mom (and possibly dad) open gifts at a baby shower, it is important to have other activities available for your guests to break up the gift-opening action. Here are some game ideas that guests will love.

I’m Eating What?

Soak the labels off of six to ten jars of different types of baby food. (If there’s a large crowd buy duplicates of each so each guest will be able to have a taste of the food.) Give each guest six to ten plastic spoons (to correspond with the number of types of baby food you’re serving and so no one has to double-dip with a used spoon). Add a label to the jar with a number on it. Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen. Then have guests number their sheet to correspond with the number of baby food varieties. Ask them to taste the baby food and write down what they think they were eating to correspond with the number on the jar. The guest(s) who guess the most correctly, wins a prize. (Of course, make a master list of all of the flavors before you soak off the labels.)

Dirty Diaper

Make up a diaper shape out of a white napkin. Insert jelly beans in all of the “diapers” except one and pin them closed. For the last diaper, insert several Sugar Babies chocolate candies and pin that “diaper” shut. Give a diaper to each guest. Then, at some point in the party, have your guests unpin their diapers. The guest who received the “dirty diaper” with the Sugar Babies in it, wins a prize.

Celebrity Baby Match Up

Buy some entertainment magazines that feature the photos of a celebrity with his or her child (or search for photos online). Cut out the photos of the celebrity and affix them to a sheet of paper and number each photo. At the bottom of the page, glue photos of the celebrity’s child. Assign a letter to each child’s photo. Then give guests score cards and ask them to pair up the number of the photo of the celebrity parent with the letter of the photo of his or her baby.

The Memory Game

Cover a table with an assortment of 20-25 baby-related items (a diaper, baby blanket, baby bottle, rattle, etc.) and gather guests around the table. Give them a minute to study the table. Then cover up all of the objects with a tablecloth. Then ask each guest to write down as many items as they can remember. The guest(s) who remembers the most items correctly wins a prize.