Party Themes for Teens

Monster High Halloween & Birthday Party Ideas

Monster High is a hit line of dolls that appeals to girls and teens. Here's some of my favorite ideas on throwing a freaky-fab Monster High birthday party!

Party Themes for Teens

monster high party kit

Hunger Games Party Ideas

The Hunger Games makes for a very creative and exciting party theme. You have the choices of costume, from Katniss's hunter-chic dress to Effie's over the top circus-like outfits. Have fun planning this party, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Party Themes for Teens

Justin Bieber Theme Party

There are no two ways about it: singing star Justin Bieber is a sensation among tweens and teens everywhere. Here are some awesome ways to be the best parent on the block by throwing a Justin Bieber birthday theme party.

Party Themes for Teens

Luau Party for Teens

A Luau party specifically designed for teens promises fun all day and all night. To throw the best party, carry the theme through all aspects of the event: from invitations to goody bags, and everything in between.

Party Themes by Holiday

Bahama Luau Party theme

Sleepover Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for a great idea to celebrate your tween or teen's birthday celebration? Make it a sleepover party! Here are a few great themes and ideas for awesome sleepovers.

Party Themes for Teens

Twilight Vampire Themed Party Ideas

Dating a vampire? Have a Twilight theme birthday party! All of our Twilight party ideas, from invitations to party favors start with the central color themes of Stephenie Meyer's book covers: red and black. Here's how to plan a perfect party for you or your teen!

Party Themes for Teens

GLEE Party Theme

GLEE is the hottest show on television, and for good reason. What could possibly be more fun than watching Glee at home and singing along with every song? HAVING A GLEE PARTY with your fellow GLEEKS! Here's ideas, party supplies, games and songs to play.

Adult Party Themes

American Idol Party Theme

Let your own budding star host, judge or participate in an American Idol party you help her put together. Here's how to create a star-studded American Idol party theme complete with fun party favors, themed plates, cups, napkins, decorations and more.

Party Themes for Teens

High School Musical Party Ideas

Looking to rock a really fun time for your teen? Then organize a High School Musical party. The popular movies grab kids' interest and get them moving to the beat. Here are the best High School Musical party ideas, including activities, music, the movie characters and more.

Party Themes for Teens

Camp Rock Birthday Party

You're going to have a blast rocking out to this party theme, so get started on planning a Camp Rock birthday party. Grab some rockin' party favors, a few camp-style foods and a karaoke machine and you're on your way.

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