Kids Birthday Party Themes

Fairytale Princess Tea Party Theme Ideas

Host a fairytale tea party for your little princess. We've gathered all the details for the perfect afternoon tea, including invitations, the menu, tea serving etiquette, decorations and more.

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Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Hooray, time for an Elmo theme birthday party for your baby or child! Here's ideas for supplies, decor, games and food - Dorothy the Goldfish and Mr. Noodle are invited too.

Kids Birthday Party Themes


Lalaloopsy Party Ideas

Lalaloopsy is a series of pastel rag dolls, each with their own back story. They've really taken off, with their own webisodes, merchandise line, costumes and, of course, party ware. Read on to learn how to plan a button-cute party

Girls Birthday Ideas

Pink Mod Monkey Party Ideas

Is your little girl nothing but a little monkey? Go ape for a fun pink mod monkey party! This idea is cute for all age groups, from a child's 1st birthday party on. Here are ideas for decor, food and activities.

Girls Birthday Ideas

pink mod monkey party

Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate your child's 1st birthday with farm animals! All kids love animals, and though they may not have seen real farm animals (yet), there are delightful decoration options for a barnyard party theme. Here's how to get the moost out of your farm party.

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Barnyard Party Ideas

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Birthday Party

Remember "The Lorax," Dr. Seuss' adorable eco-conscious book you loved as a child? It's back, and this time in movie form. With this party, you can absolutely thrill your little guests with everything magical in Dr. Seuss's forest, while also remembering the Lorax's message. Let's begin!

Kids Birthday Party Themes

Princess Merida Brave Party Ideas

Let's hear it for the girls! Especially the brave ones. The new Pixar movie Brave has Princess Merida, skilled at the bow and arrow, flaunting customs and traditions to forge her own epic path. With lush scenery, tartans and Scottish music and food, Brave makes for an epic party! Here are some ideas on how to host your own Brave party.

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My Little Pony Party Ideas

Ponies and glitzy glamor - two things any budding fashionista loves! Get your party off to a gallop with these fun My Little Pony ideas.

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The Avengers Movie Party Ideas

Avengers assemble! Bring Marvel's superheroes over for your party. With Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Incredible Hulk helping out, you'll definitely be a supermom or superdad when creating this most marvelous of birthday parties!

Kids Birthday Party Themes


Donkey Kong Party Ideas

With the ongoing popularity of related games like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country Returns and more, kids seem to be clamoring for a Donkey Kong birthday party! Feel free to monkey around with our decor, food and game ideas below.

Kids Birthday Party Themes