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4 Warm and Icy Winter Wonderland Menu Ideas

Walking in a winter wonderland can be magical if you use the right elements to carry off this popular party theme. This is a great way to lighten up the cold and often drab months of winter. Guests will enjoy beautiful snowflake decorations, snowman plates and frosted serving pieces. And of course, your frosty decor ... Read More »

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Toga Party!

Get in touch with your inner frat boy and your love of Animal House and get ready for a toga party! What guy doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up in a sheet and party without a care in the world? This is the type of theme party that any guy can throw, no ... Read More »

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Elmo and Zoe Birthday Theme

Muppet pals Elmo and Zoe make quite a pair. They also make an ideal birthday theme! We LOVE this theme because it combines a classic show – Sesame Street – with two characters every kid adores. An Elmo and Zoe birthday theme party is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers…a notoriously active bunch. Keep them (and ... Read More »

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elmo and cupcakes

Western Party Games

Saddle up for fun, buckaroos! Western party games put a kick in your party! Here’s a couple ideas and games to get you going: Musical Chairs Mexican Hat Dance This party game is just like musical chairs, but with a Western spin, of course! Place either a cowboy hat or sombrero on the floor. Hide ... Read More »

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Stayin’ Alive … at a 70s and 80s Disco Theme Party

There is no other period of time or genre quite like disco! Though some people may scoff at this music or the attire, the reality is that we all love it at heart. This was such a fun era full of so much vibrancy and joy. This also happens to work well as an excellent ... Read More »

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bee gees 70's disco party theme

90th Birthday Party

There are certain milestones in life that we all hope to achieve. We have certain ideas for what we want our life to be, and when it works out it’s fantastic. If you are lucky enough to reach the brilliant age of ninety, then there should most definitely be a party in your honor to ... Read More »

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Magic Themed Birthday Party

You don’t need to be a magician to throw a fantastic magic themed birthday party.  Magic is one of the easiest and most fun party themes for children. Here’s how you can make your child’s next birthday party a magical experience. If your son or daughter loves watching magicians or is pursuing magic as a ... Read More »

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Neat (and Weird) Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

One of the most fun aspects of hosting an Alice in Wonderland party is that there are so many opportunities to create weird and wonderful party invitations, decorations and costumes.  To start the party off on the right note, go all-out with your Alice in Wonderland party invitations.  You can even incorporate items that the ... Read More »

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Creative Invitations for a Summer Themed Party

Summer is here! That means that there’s plenty of beautiful weather ahead and of course the all important outdoor barbeque or party. If you are hosting a party this summer, then be sure to set the tone from the first moment. Coming up with a cute or creative invitation can immediately get people into the ... Read More »

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carnival invitation

Midsummer’s Eve Party

The Medieval and Renaissance period gave us some of our most romantic stories, fairytales and folk tales. They were full of magic, giants, fairies, dragons, knights and maidens. You can incorporate so many different elements into this type of theme that it makes the perfect setting for a wedding celebration, mid-summer luau or any other ... Read More »

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