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Backyard Bonfire Party Treats

A Backyard Bonfire Party calls for Backyard Bonfire Treats!  Here are some ooey-gooey and fun snacks to serve at your next cookout party. Campfire Sweets S’mores Buffet Traditional s’mores are made from two graham crackers, a piece of chocolate, and a toasted marshmallow.  What we do is build our s’mores complete and place on a ... Read More »

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8 Tips for a Safe Backyard Bonfire Party

The warm weather is here. This means, the lyrics “Chest nuts roasting by an open fire” has been replaced by “hotdogs roasting in a backyard fire pit …” Yup, this means lots of people will be holding bonfire parties in their backyards.  Fire + party + lots of people = disaster waiting to happen? Hopefully ... Read More »

Outdoor Parties

Time for a January Backyard BBQ!

That’s it, I’ve had enough of winter! Christmas is over, the bills are coming in, and the tree is gone. It’s all so chilly and depressing here – and where I live, winter isn’t even half way over. Luckily, every few years, there’s a week in January known as the “Pinapple Express,” where a warm ... Read More »

Outdoor Parties