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Honey Treats for Your Winnie the Pooh Party

Who doesn’t love the classic and adorable Winnie the Pooh? This character has been around for ages and every child seems to celebrate a phase with him (often these phases last a lifetime). If you’re planning a child’s birthday party, this loveable bear works beautifully as a theme. Here’s some fun and delicious ideas for…

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Hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party

He’s one of the most recognizable yet difficult to understand characters of all times. The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland has evolved into a beloved character through time, though he is truly mad and downright eccentric. To those who have seen the (many) movies, they embrace him as a pivotal character in the storyline.…

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Asian Theme Party Ideas

Take your guests on an exciting adventure to Shanghai, Bangkok, Hanoi, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and beyond with this fabulous Asian theme party! Invitations Write the invitation details as a tag to attach to a teabag. Insert a paper cocktail umbrella in your invitation. Type your invitation on a long slip of paper and insert it…

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