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Alice in Wonderland Cookie and Dessert Ideas

What better to serve as the theme for your next get together than Alice in Wonderland! You can center the party around a tea party and serve up the wildest desserts for all of the guests. One of the things a tea party is known for is of course the desserts, and therefore you need…

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Neat (and Weird) Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

One of the most fun aspects of hosting an Alice in Wonderland party is that there are so many opportunities to create weird and wonderful party invitations, decorations and costumes.  To start the party off on the right note, go all-out with your Alice in Wonderland party invitations.  You can even incorporate items that the…

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Hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party

He’s one of the most recognizable yet difficult to understand characters of all times. The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland has evolved into a beloved character through time, though he is truly mad and downright eccentric. To those who have seen the (many) movies, they embrace him as a pivotal character in the storyline.…

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